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sdv bachelors/bachelorettes pros/cons etc

ok i have spent the last . week?? playing stardew valley almost constantly and in the game there are several bachelors and bachelorettes that you can marry and cherish dearly . they all have different personalities and lives that you can learn ab as you get to know them and i think they are all Incredibly cool.

alas my poor indecisive bisexual ass cannot choose one for the life of me. thats why im writing ab them here ! both for me to figure out what i like and dislike ab them and also gather opinions from other people ! ^^


elliott is an author .. he lives on the beach and writes novels and is the prettiest pretty boy (affectionate) ever.

pros: likes books, handsome as hell

cons: hes a Bit pretentious


ohhh boy. shane lives with his aunt and god daughter and he is a mess but hes My mess. he loves his family and his chickens but god he hates himself so much.. i could fix him i absolutely could

pros: he just like me fr.

cons: hes an asshole sometimes


edgelord /j he lives with his parents and his half sister maru but he spends most of his time chilling in the basement and smoking weed and shit . hes a computer programmer and a dweeb and i love him

pros: he would listen to mcr with me

cons: he Feels like a high schooler like i Know hes not but he Feels like one


goku ass . he lives with his parents and his younger brother and hes in a Band with seb and hes also a skateboarder. he is arguably the coolest character

pros: cool as fuck

cons: same as seb, even if hes not in high school anymore he peaked in highschool.


sweetheart :) hes the towns doctor and he looks like hes absolutely Riddled with anxiety every moment of every day . maybe the coffee im constantly gifting him isnt helping..

pros: doctor $$$$

cons: hes pathetic and i cannot tell if its in a good or bad way


sportsman jockboy. he lives with his grandparents and spends his days looking at me judgementally

pros: i could make him a hockey fan

cons: he absolutely called me a fag behind my back


GOTH GF GOTH GF . she lives with her parents and she loves exploring the mines, hanging out in the cemetery and hanging with seb and sam

pros: goth gf, would go to hot topic with me

cons: Why is she still participating in the towns yearly easter egg hunt against Children. and Why are they letting her win.


crystal girl .. she lives with her sister haley and she is very Spiritual and shit . she also loves fashion and sewing

pros: her vibes are So good

cons: she would yell at me if my vibes are Bad. also amethyst wont fix my depression 


very girly girl.. lives with her sister emily and loves photography

pros: we both love photography

cons: she is Constantly bitchy. ive heard she gets less bitchy the more you get to know her but is it Really worth it. she would also call me a fag


artist !! she lives in the forest by herself and creates so much art . she has a clingy ex who shows up which is not ideal but she rocks

pros: art gf

cons: she is so incredibly lesbiancoded (at least to me) and i cannot do that to her (force her into a straight relationship)


she is So incredibly smart oh my god . shes a scientist and also works as a nurse ?? she lives with her parents and her half brother seb and she Loves sciencing.

pros: woman in stem

cons: her robot called me a fag /j 


teacher!!! she lives with her mom (dont get me started on pam .) and spends her free time educating the local youths

pros: teacher like me !!

cons: mommy issues..

so far my frontrunners are shane, seb, abigail, and leah but id love to hear other ppls thoughts (especially if youve never played sdv and only have my descriptions to go off of LOL)

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