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The Massive Russian Community of GTA

So as my bio states, I am a GTA fan, And one of the most prelevant things I've seen come out of the GTA modding scene is the large Russian community surrounding the franchise.

Now it's not unusual for game to have a foreign modding scene or community as gaming is an international thing but for a game series like GTA which is so heavily based off American satire it's hard to believe that it would even make sense in any other part of the world. I mean American politics is so heavily mocked international I guess they would kind of get it but I am not political guy so I won't be getting into all that.

I think the most likely starting point for all the Russian modding most likely began with GTA IVGrand Theft Auto IV para PC - PS3 - Xbox 360 | 3DJuegos

I mean it makes all the sense in the world with the game having a Russian main protagonist + antagonist and even featuring Russian music. It's no wonder this game most likely started the Russian GTA Community. Now I could always be wrong but 2008 just seems right.

Ever since the release of this game. Russians have been a huge part of GTA Modding with them running one of the biggest GTA Modding websites ever (LibertyCity.ru / LibertyCity.net). Russians have also created some of the best total conversion mods like GTA Alien City. There is also hundreds upon hundreds of Russian tranlastions of these massive games ranging from just simple ports of official subs to full-on voice acted, music changing, texture changing translations and they all range in quality heavily, some good other bad.

I just wanted to write this quick blog post about this as i find it interesting. If you have corrections feel free to comment them.

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