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graphics/ resource website archive ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

i wanted somewhere to put all the resource websites i've collected...instead of just shoving tons of links into my notes. so this is more for myself than anything, but feel free to use any of these! 

 graphics and resources ☆ 

as a general summary, these contain blinkies, stamps, buttons, dividers and gifs.

mike's: https://collection.ju.mp/#

y2k's: https://y2k.neocities.org/blinkies

faeriecake's: https://fairycakesbakery.neocities.org/ (this one is my favourite!) 

pixel's: https://pixel.crd.co/

allison's and ref's: https://xyz.crd.co/#

erisza's: https://gifs4crds.carrd.co/

vampyre's: https://vampyre.neocities.org/pixls

raining starss': https://raining-starss.neocities.org/extras

also, user highstrangeness has a bunch of blog posts full of blinkies, stamps and tiny gifs that i use often! so i'll leave a link to his blog posts here: https://blog.spacehey.com/highstrangeness

p.s: to add graphics to your profile use the code:

<img src="insert graphic image link here"/>

or if you want to change the width and height of the graphic, use:

<img src="insert graphic image link here" width="100" height="60"/>

(oh and to get the image link, copy the image address; you might need to open the graphic in a new tab first)

 cursors ☆

this website has a toooon of awesome cursors that are super easy to code in:


to use them, copy the universal CSS/ HTML code and paste it into the about me section on ur profile

okay that's it for now! i'll keep adding to this as i find more resources :D 

also a website full of kaomojis as a bonus: http://kaomoji.ru/en/

!!: all credit goes to the creators of the websites i've linked, keep in mind i haven't made any of these myself!

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♡Princess Luna♡

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yOu ArE mY HeRoOoO (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Thx Uuu!!!!

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TY!! :33

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Tusia (T___T)

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Omg thanks !

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anyone knows how to put images or gifs in bloggs?

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Thank yoooooooooooooou!!

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Awww gracias <333

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this is awesome, thank you for sharing!!

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thank you for this!!

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tysm this helps alot

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tysm this helps alot

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Luis Strublic

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thank you my kind gentleman

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Thanks!!! This help me a lot

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aaa thank you so much!!!! i was searching for this

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awesome! glad i could help :D

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fairycake444 ౨ৎ⋆˚。⋆

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just updated my username so heres my new link ^_^ https://fairycakesbakery.neocities.org/

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thanks for letting me know! i'll update that rn

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Elsie 𑄸

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i loooove blinkies

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they're so so fun

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this is really helpful thanks! :D

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no problem! glad i could help

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