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Your girl is suffering

What is up people, 

Happy summer,,,or well I hope summer is treating you well, like amazingly well. 

(I advise you not to read bc it's basically vent fufu) 

For me? I'm feeling this summer depression crawling up on me, resting on my chest and uh, I did NOT miss that. How is it that everytime I think I've hit the bottom there's another bottom to hit? Just whaaat in the world is happening (again!!) I'm doing all sorts of dumb stuff, picking up some terrible coping mechanism (one being avoidance which is probably the best one of them all).

I have to find a place to live that's not too expensive and uh be happy i guess? Idk I have too much to do to be comfortable enough to list them (avoidance is in da place lol)

I have this friend, a good friend, an amazing friend, that loves and cares for me and write me poems and lets me kiss them on the cheeks a non law abiding number of times. They are patient with me and demonstrative and a hell of a tease. I feel like they're non stop worried about me, which is fair cause I am awfully worrying.

I hope that the saying is true is true, and life do get better, because I believe it. 

see ya.

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