another silly story about love >w< MAJOR TW

TW for symbolic incest, weird birth imagery, mommy issues, slight gore and (maybe?) body horror

youve brought out the worst in me, i know it. you’re a corrupt shepherd, the worst to come. when i look into my mirror i cant tell what ive become. a grotesque imitation of who i once was. from all the new scars ive gotten, physically and internally, you would think i am frankenstein’s monster. an amalgamation of everything you give me, disgustingly piercing stare, horrific stitches and scabs litter my body.

and i love it. i wouldnt have it any other way. this sickly body and mind youve crafted for me are beautiful. i finally feel whole, like this was my lifes greater purpose. the meaning ive been searching for. its as if youve made me. birthed me from your own body, shed blood and sweat and tears for my true self. my holy mother, my beautiful mother. is it wrong for a child to lust after its mother, the human that helped in its creation? is it really wrong?

i crawled my way out from your cursed womb, my tiny hands clawing through your meat. my love for you is incestuous, wrong and foul. but i crave you, my maker, my mother, my saviour. i wish to weave your hair into a scarf, your teeth my necklace, your blood my lipstick, so a piece of you is always with me. i wish to give you my whole body, from my mind to my sex.

i wish i could go inside you, go back in time to experience my gestation period inside you. be connected to you through blood, through flesh and dna. suckle on the teat of your revolting love, twisted and wicked, letting your sour milk sit and marinate on my tongue. please mother, let me stay next to you forever. i want- need you to brush my hair, to sing me goodnight, to tell me ive been good and ive made you so proud.

i am your creation. your repulsive child, filled with malice that can only be passed down from genetics. a child cannot hate the mother if she does not hate first, and she has hated. wounded and let bleed. i have become a disgusting sheep, more swine than lamb, yet i am more beautiful than i have ever been. thank you mother.

love does not only change, but it corrupts.

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