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About my Day because I'm bored and it's 3:14am

About my Day (warning i'm extremely boring)

I woke up at about 2 pm today even though I went to bed somewhat early compared to my typical nights. So I've only been awake for like 8 or something hours. Well anyways to start my day off I went out to the living room and got some water and texted my friends for a little bit before I decided to have a fun little movie marathon and watch all the rest of the paranormal activity movies since I had only seen the first one and about half of the second one. So I finished the 2nd movie and it was pretty good, had a nice little twist. Started and finished the 3rd movie and I loved that one, love how it ties in with all of the movies in some way. Started the 4th movie, my second favorite after the 1st one. Started the 5th movie, and this has got to be 3rd favorite because I love the whole idea of the movie and I can't explain it. And I just finished the 6th movie about 2 hours ago and that one was pretty good but not my favorite. Well anyways lets blog about the things that happened other than just watching movies lol. I had this chicken salad thing for dinner and my dad had to go out to the store and he got me watermelon sour patch kids and watermelon airhead gum!! So that was fun and I ate my candy for the 5th and 6th paranormal activity movies. After that I played around on my phone for a little bit until it was 1:00 am and did my nightly 1:00 am makeup routine because I have nothing better to do at that time. So that lasted for about an hour or so. Than I played around on space hey for about another hour, listened to a little bit of music and now we are here, me blogging away at 3:30 am on a Thursday night and a Friday morning. Maybe someone will read this, idk. Bye cuties!!!

-Love Sydney

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3:14 is π time (no matter if a.m. or p.m. btw...)

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I swear every time I check the time its like 3-4 am

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the fact that u wrote this at 3 am and u sounded like this whole thing is normal lmao

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this is normal u just have strict parents and go to bed at like 8:30pm

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Ace 🐠🫧

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I didn’t do anything yesterday so I didn’t have anything to blog about!!

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