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hhh i feel snazzy

ALRIGHT SO THE GUY I WAS PLANNING ON TELLING TO LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE DID NOT RECIEVE MY DEMAND. i pussyed out and i was very mcfuckin cheerful so i just blabbed about random stuff. meds are suppressing mania but they do not stop the hyperness and the violent need to talk to people endlessly hsjhfksjdf. I can feel it physically lodged in the base of my throat like where my collar bones are hhdfk, but its not rising so thats g o o d. pretty girls complimented my freshly dyed hair. BUT THE RED STREAKS TURNED PINK AND NOW HUNKS OF MY HAIR IS NEON PINK i have mixed feelings about it, at least it looks good with the bright ass pumpkin orange. im going to let my hair grow out and bleach the fuck out of it to that billie eilish yellow blonde hair since i got that color kinda when i was doing my second round of bleach and i looked snazzy. one random guy poked my shoulder and got real damn close to me to compliment my hair and said it was really pretty. mans was like a bootleg eboy but i think i remember him from my old school. my hands look like i killed a man bruh. imma decorate my closet. and since my family feels big bad about me trying to yaknow d i e im getting a pc(????) im taking advantage of this oppritunity even though i know it will be used against me in the future. lol *manipulation*
i want to smoketh the weed hhh
i also want to be the beauty standard and have a WHOLESOME LOVE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR

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i got the wholesome love, W tbh

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