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Blocking (etc) users without functional block (etc) buttons

Howdy! A couple of times now I've happened upon a profile that I've wanted to block (or follow, or report, or anything in that box), and their HTML is messed up enough that something is covering the button or the hyperlink doesn't work. 

Even though layout rules say that this box shouldn't be removed etc, I can totally see this sort of thing glitching out on accident, so I'm not mad about it when I see it. However, if you want to button-box interact with someone whose button box isn't working, here's how you can do it!

[This only works on desktop as best as I know. Sorry about that :( ]

1. Right click somewhere on the profile that isn't a link or picture, like the background
2. A little menu should come up. Click "view page source"
3. A lot of scary looking code is going to come up. Scroll down until you see a link that says something like what you want (or use ctrl+f to look up the text below):

-"addfriend?id=" is the "add friend" button

-"addfavorite?id=" is the "add favorite" button

-anything with "im" in it is some sort of messaging button

-"block?id=" is the "block" button

-"report?type=user&id=" is the "report" button

Once you find the link you want, just click it! It will act the same as if you had hit the button.

So there you go! This is kind of a nothing thing to make a blog post about, but maybe somebody will find it useful someday. 

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