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Premade layouts rnt everything!


I feel like spacehey might rely a tad too much on layouts... I promise u, html and css is scary, but you've got to try and experiment with it. Make a neocities. Check out w3schools. Check out some YouTube tutorials. Look at other websites for inspiration.

It starts feeling a lot less alien once u go and just learn the basics.

AND ITS PLENTY OF FUN !!!! so I urge everyone who's serious about the 'old web' and bringing back self expression to really try it. I really, really recommend you look at neocities. People have some lovely personal websites there, even if you aren't making your own it's still worth a look !
It feels like most of you only like the 2000's era of the internet because of the aesthetics. Or your interpretation of the aesthetics, anyway. But there's so much more to it !

but I dunno, kinda just saying nonsense. :P

tl;dr learn html/css. get neocities. be silly

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