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✟ I'm going insane ✟

        ✞ I have been on spacehey so much that I think It's my fucking safe space playground. Like when I'm feeling some kind of way I get fucked up and then edit my spacehey account. If me and my bf are in a little bit of a disagreement then I'm editing my spacehey. This spacehey was made with blood, sweat, and tears guys. You better respect and understand the effort I've put into this. Also, now I have like 1,000 fucking blinkies and stamps that I had saved in a new tab that are really cute and I want to save them somewhere and I hope you can understand that I really don't want to open google docs anymore today. I don't want to open that fucking app anymore. I'm so done with it. Like it's made me so frustrated. Anyways I love all of you guys (what even is love love) you guys are like my little small gnomes running around on my little screen with a universe inside of it.

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