I lay with you on the grass as I slowly unbutton your shirt down from the middle of your torso. 

You lay unbothered staring up into the sun beating on your face. You contiune to as I begin to kiss your chest, feeling your heart beat suddenly speed as your chest tightens underneath me.

Enjoying the reaction I contiune doing this kissing all the way up your neck, you finally look my way and there's a glow in your eyes I had never seen any other time that wasn't in my presence. 

You make pretty noises when I kiss your neck, like it's brought something out in you. Like, you finally realized all along that we fit together perfectly. Like, no one has ever touched you in the way my fingers are trailing along your nipples as I kiss the sensitive parts of your neck. Biting down just to hear some sort of validation slip through your lips. 

Realizing you enjoy my touch, I bring our faces closer hoping to feel the warmth from your closed lips against mine. You pull away. I try again, you pull away. I try again, you pull away. 

"Why won't you kiss me?" I say, hand still tracing your chest making small circle patterns, as my other one grabs the side of your turned head, forcing you to stare directly into my brunette eyes. Admiring every crevice of the tannish body that lays beneath me. 

Out of breath the body speaks, the first time I heard today. Opening the pink, soft lips speaking in a rather thick british accent. "I think it'll spoil everything." spoil what? I think, but don't ask. I continue kissing your neck in silence, I watch as your lips close again, feeling the brown hairs on your chest slip between my fingers as I gently massage your torso with my hand. I lean up kissing your lips by surprise. Feeling no kiss back, I quickly lay my head on your chest feeling the once fast paced heartbeat slow as I stopped looking at you. 

I look off into the distance, listening to the sound of my "want to be" lovers heartbeat. "Spoil everything." plays in my head once again as I watch the sun fall from the sky in front of me. The yellow, pink, and orange mixing together to create a beautiful sunset. 

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