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Art!! I like it a lot!!!!!!

I think because of everything going on it's been more difficult to connect with people beyond just 'I like being around you'. Weirdly in contrast, I've been connecting like crazy to art and getting heavily into it. I look forward each day to finding more works of art or just observing the same work for the 500th time. It's not that I don't want to see people, but I've had a layer of distrust in people after what happened. Art can't deliberately hurt me, which is why I think it's been easier to enjoy. I want to get into Vocaloid and make more complex models to test my skills. I watched Paprika again recently and nearly cried over how beautiful the beginning sequence that shows off Paprika's abilities is. I listened back to MioDioDaVinci's ZOLA covers and they're beautiful beyond comprehension. They've heavily inspired me to work with the new ZOLA release since they can speak english now. Any music from ENA is also a heavy inspiration just to feel. 

I just wish I could trust people more easily so I could share this art with them more easily instead of fearing them doing what's happened before. Instead, I will recycle it into more works of art and hope they enjoy it. I'm very excited to create. I hope people will like what I want to create.

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