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hey!! :) my name is emory and i'm relatively? new to heyspace!! i had an account for awhile, however i was consistently inactive, never posted, and ended up deleting it-

recently over the summer though, i have been excruciatingly bored!!!!!! so i decided to make a new account, and i'm looking for some more friends!

-here's a bit about me- 

- i am very interested in subculture, particularly the grunge subculture! i was sort of captivated by the music genre, i'm like actually obsessed w 90s grunge bands like nirvana, alice in chains, soundgarden, stone temple pilots, etc.! sadly people's derived perspective of grunge has rlly been altered throughout the years so it can be kinda hard for me to find people w similar interests w/o being told i have divorced dad music taste.... 💀

- i tend to indulge in childish shows such as the garlfield show and steven universe, however, i also enjoy shows and movies that are predominantly focused on adversities in mental health such bojack horesman and girl interrupted. 

- i prefer to be friends with people above the age of 13 and with mature ideologies! (not to be confused with interests, i'm not judgmental lmfao-)

this is me btw!! :)) 

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