Undertale AU supporting cast ref sheet

SC Information:

  • Dr Serif created Kimi and Suri, both for science but also for a family. They are his daughters.
  • T3M was the Tem that was stuck in the wall at the village. 
  • Muffet is in charge of looking after the remaining animals that survived the surface.
  • Hex comes and goes as they please, very little is known about them. They just watch and observe quietly.
  • Dr Serif works alongside Alphys as an assistant. He also assists Muffet every now and then.
  • T3M helps Undyne sometimes with scouts and patrols.
  • Muffet still has her spiders with her, they assist her with the animals when she's exhausted.
  • Hex is fed by Muffet, and likes to curl around Dr Serif's shoulders while he works. The Main and Supporting cast take turns in looking after Hex. They're like a pet but they're also not.

Other info:

Dr Serif - Demiromantic, human equivalent to late 30s

T3M - Up to interpretation, ageless but an adult, Agender (they/it)

Muffet - Polysexual, human equivalent to mid 20s

I'm not giving away any info abt Hex except that they're Non-Binary (he/they)

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I love the designs, so cool (/// ̄  ̄///)

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thank ya! I like em too

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