Doing my hair and calling my Friends!!

Straightening my hair while calling my friends!!  

So today after my mini movie marathon with my mom, my family had to take my little brother to the dentist and I stayed home. So while I was waiting for them to get back I picked up the living room and listened to some music. After that I called my friends and we chatted for a little while when I was blogging about watching paranormal activity with my mom. I flipped on some T.V and chatted with my friends a little more before i decided to straighten my hair! mind you I have naturally pretty curly hair so this would be quite the challenge! I made sure to use heat protectant to keep from damaging my hair and to make it extra soft and silky. After a long while of straightening my hair and talking with my friends I finally finished!! I love the results! After about 15 minutes of finishing my hair my parents arrived back home with Slurpee's!! currently drinking it while typing this lol. i chatted with my friends a little longer than sadly they had to go. Maybe someone with read this, idk. Bye cuties!!!

-Love Sydney

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Ace 🐠🫧

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If I don’t shower for one day my hair immediately gets all greasy and crunchy

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sorta same exept like if i dont wash my hair for 2 days

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