july eleventh

this is my first ever post on spacehey so i thought i'd start off with some poetry that i saw earlier today. 

it was a tiktok slideshow with different pieces and one of them was from twitter by someone named @/petfurniture: "i hope death is like being carried to your bedroom when you were a child & fell asleep on the couch during a family party. i hope you can hear the laughter from the next room." 

i like this. i'm very often scared of death, specifically what to do when it's happening & what comes after. what happens when i lose this consciousness? what happens when i take that last breath? it's all very scary. seeing it in a soft and kind light like this makes me think that it'll be okay as long as i die happy and satisfied. 

another quote from the tiktok, by @/arealliveghost (i don't know what the website is): "they will hook me up to a polygraph and ask me if i love you and i will say no but the needle will jump and sputter exactly how you laugh."

i liked this one a lot too. very sweet. posts with genuine love like this always warm my heart. it also reminds me of my boyfriend. he has a pretty laugh. 

last one i liked was just a slab on a bench: "for my lifelong best friend / judy / from janice / we were girls together." 

i think to be girls with someone would be the greatest honor and gift of them all. 

that's all i have to share for tonight! <3

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