Watching Movies with my Mom!!

Paranormal Activity!

Spoiler Warning on Paranormal activity movie 1!!

So basically my mom got off of work early today and I've been wanting to watch the paranormal activity movies and so my mom said since we have nothing to do today lets watch the  paranormal activity series so we flipped on the first movie. Btw before I start I love the first movie sm it's really good in my opinion lol. I really like the whole like home film lost footage vibe it gives. Although wasn't that scary in my opinion. The girl who plays Katie has a really good scream like its very full and loud. Katie's character was okay in my opinion, I just feel like she couldn't take a joke. Like Micah was just being a lil silly and then she was be all like rude and ruin the whole mood. But overall really good movie and I recommend. Although the ending is kinda expected like with Katie being possessed like get original. Maybe someone will read this, idk. Bye cuties!!!

-Love Sydney

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Ace 🐠🫧

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Lol I hate horror movies

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omg there my favvv

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I’m scared reading this haha.

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It was a good movie!!!!!

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