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Stay away from this user (TW: s/a, abuse, faking disorders, and even more I'll explain)

Okay, so, it's time to relive some trauma and tell this story. 

Most of you may remember a user by the name of Dominic Blade... Well, I'm here to tell you about her, warn y'all about her, and to report her when she comes back.

I don't have all my proof anymore (I changed computers) but I have my memories and what happened to me. I guess let me start with what I'm going to say.

This is a warning now, if you don't want to hear about mass amounts of s/a, abuse, her faking disorders, neglect, etc, then you can close off this blog now. But I'm going to tell this story to the best of my ability because I don't want others to go through what I did... 

Topic one:

So the first thing I want to talk about is Dominic Blade faking her disorders. So everyone on here knows I have DID and a mass amount of other disorders. 

Dominic claimed she had DID, and I do have the proof that she does not. 

First of all, Systems, when alters show up, do you name them, or do they know their names already? And do you force last names on them? 

No? I thought so. 

So this kid had "alters" (and my Fiancee has DID as well, and her alters know their first names, but not their last), and named them herself... And took names of my alters to name hers... All of my alters were offended because of the fact that her "alters" were named after mine... (If you need proof, let me know-). 

Her "alters" and her "littlespace" were faked, and they were fucking disgusting... 

In littlespace, unless you're definite with your age, you have a range. I go into littlespace, and my fiancee and I have ranged it from 1-4. This girl knew her exact age, but did things (without his "alters") like he was faking... The things included playing instruments (piano and bassoon) and doing other things that a "little" couldn't do.

Another topic I'm going to touch on: the abuse.

Okay, so this was more like emotional abuse rather than physical abuse. I'm also going to mention the manipulation in this as well, because this was a big part of the "relationship." I'm going to start with that first.

So I said I would never go to college, only because I can't mentally be away from my home. So Dominic told me, and I quote, "If you don't come down here for college, I'm killing myself."

So I applied for college... I didn't want to... But I didn't want my partner (at the time) to kill herself...

She talked about different ways to kill herself constantly... Like her jumping off the roof of her apartment... Hanging herself from his shower... And more.

So moving on to the emotional abuse:

She did a lot of stuff when I was little, and I had to be told about then when I was big. Apparently, she banned little (and big) me from eating my comfort candy (Baby Bottle Pops) because they looked "pervy." She also banned me from eating ice cream, other forms of candy, and other stuff she thought was "pervy." She took away so much of my comfort candy, and candy I ate when I was stressed and upset.

Edit: More on the abuse topic, she wouldn't let me talk to my brother. My brother is the most important person in my life, and she wouldn't let me speak to him cause "he got more attention" than she did. 

She also wouldn't let me wear specific clothing (my band and wrestler shirts) cause she was "jealous someone was going to take me away" from her. I never understood this, seeing as the bands and wrestlers were way out of my age range.

Edit: This was originally going to be left out, but I felt like this was important enough to add into it anyway. I play guitar, I am a guitarist as well as a singer. But with Kylah, she wouldn't let me play my $600 guitar, that I bought myself with a paycheck that I earned, cause it "got more attention" than her. Well of course it did....

More on the topic:

I have nightmares about my first s/a. And I usually talk it out with my partners... Dominic backed away from the topic quickly, stating that she had no idea how to help me... After both Chris and C explained to him that she had to just talk to me...

Even more on the topic: 

So every poly relationship I've been in with Chris and C, there's been favoritism going on... I never played favorites, cause I have always loved my partners equally. 

With my first ex in a poly relationship (my first one), he played favorites with Chris. C was neglected. With Dominic, she played favorites with C for a long time.... 

And when she "got with" some of my alters, she played favorites and picked and chose who she wanted to love more... Mind you, she "got with" some of my married alters (I have two, but whatever-). 

Topic three: 

The once topic I didn't want to say... The s/a she did. I'm not going to go in detail everything that happened, but I will sum it up. 

She s/a'd a lot of my alters, some who will never recover again. She did a lot with my alter Reaper who has Schizophrenia (he hears the voices), and caused him to s/h on the body.

Dominic made me, and many of my alters perform acts of self-pleasure on ourselves while on our menstrual cycle (because being afab sucks-). She just sat and watched as we were pretty much forced to do that... And if we refused, she would get extremely mad and refuse to speak to whoever said no.

One of my alters, who requested I leave his name out of it, who supposedly "dated" Dominic (this man is in his 30s by the way) could not keep his erection, as his he was distracted that night. Dominic got extremely mad, threatened to kill herself, and refused to speak to the alter.

It seemed as if Dominic couldn't get her way, she would throw a temper tantrum until someone else had to calm her down. 

EDIT: I also wanted to add that even if I told her that I didn't want to have sex that night (and she knew my trauma wouldn't let me have lots of sex, but she said her trauma made her hypersexual), she would actually get mad at me and make me feel hella bad until I had to have sex with her. So in a sense, I didn't "CONSENT" to anything, since I said NO. 

Final summary:

In short, Dominic/Ino Blade is a user who shouldn't be trusted. She lies and deceives everyone. She is a manipulator who will tell her family about you, then her therapist, then the rest of her family... When I was "with" her, her aunt told him I was manipulating her, even though she threatened me so many times.

The relationship was purely toxic, there was a fight every single day, and I was always scared. With Dominic, I couldn't even go to sleep on days I worked (Note: I had to wake up at 5:30 am est to make it to work by 7:00 am est). One time, I was on call her until 5:10 am est, and I was up the ENTIRE night with her, because she didn't want me to sleep, and didn't want me to leave her.

Even through I had told her several times that name night I was flat out exhausted. 

Oh, one more topic:

Dominic begged for a baby. So even through she said he was trans (ftm), she always begged for me, or one of my alters, to impregnate her. After talking to my fiancee about that, we both settled on the fact that she never made the motion to transition... 

She had always BEGGED for a baby, she wanted a baby, then wanted me to fly down to Texas BEFORE my high school graduation to see her.

While on that topic, she also wanted me to hold off on transitioning until after we both got out of college. My major would have been theater/acting, which would take around 4 years to get. Hers was going to be medical, which would be around 8 years... I could have transitioned after 12 years...

If I'm already unhappy and uncomfy in my own skin now, why would I wanna wait to transition? 

My fiancee told me as soon as she got down here, she would do everything in her power to help me get comfy in my own skin, and pay for my transition and surgery, and EVERYTHING I need.

And one final thing:

After dealing with her and the abuse for almost a month or so, I told Dominic many times I didn't want any contact with her, and to not contact me any longer. 

She broke that and contacted me. By that time, I was already with my fiancee, and was telling her about EVERYTHING that Dominic had done to me. 

While I was on a call with my fiancee and her friend, Dominic interrupted the call and her mother made a rude comment about me already being engaged (I'm really just dating her, I haven't proposed to her yet) after just coming off of a breakup... 

I have known my fiancee for almost two/three years, and we have so much chemistry together.

Final final summary:

Now, I suspect she might not return to Spacehey, but if she does, please mass report her. Dominic does not deserve to be on here any longer, only because she's messed up so many people's lives. 

Seeing her invading the call with my fiancee scared me to the point where I had nightmares of the trauma she put me through.

If you have to, repost this, get others to repost this (and credit me for the blog-). I don't want others to suffer as I have...

Not to mention, she cheated on me with someone else, then claimed she was "dating him" like she was "dating" me and my alters... The person she cheated on me with, we talk, and she lost the respect for Dominic.

Thank you for listening to this...

An update on how I'm mentally doing and recovering after this, I am trying to get better. I've noticed I do things with my fiancee that I did with Dominic, and it's a trauma response. My fiancee tells me it'll get better and she's going to untrain me (and it's really working), and I'm thankful for her. 

Thankfully, I have no more contact with Dominic to this day, but I keep hearing her name over and over. For the most part, I have physically recovered, but the mental wound will never heal.

Comments will be open, but I don't expect pity and lots of people telling me "Sorry" and "I'm sorry this happened to you". Because it's fine sillies! 

I just want people to be aware of what happened to me, and what to do just in case she comes back.

Thanks for listening to my entire story. I'm honestly am glad to get it off my chest. I went through so much with Dominic, and like I've mentioned this before, I don't want people going through the things I did. 


She talked about carving things into my skin. I'm not kink shaming (if you have it), but I'm terrified of needles and such. Carving is pretty much like carving a pumpkin for Halloween... 

It's not for me, and where I struggle with s/h, it would make it worse...


She's also back and contacting me again, harassing me (yes, harassment), and terrifying me to my core. She goes by the names Dominic, Ino, Domino, and will prolly try to use her birth name as well. She will tell you he doesn't know the user "Dominic Blade" and try to pass it off as she's not that same person. She's a liar.

She tries to get a reaction out of you. She'll put words into your mouth ("Prove to me you hate me. Unless you don't hate me"), and make you feel like shit.


She is a toxic abusive manipulative person who doesn't deserve anything. 

She tried guilt tripping me into getting back with her, saying she changed... She's not changed... After I told her my fiancee and I are back together, she got upset and turned into the same person she was before...

If this user interacts with you, please for you own good block and report her. 

Another edit:

The pronouns have been changed for a reason. If you would like the reason, please message me in my IMS here: https://im.spacehey.com/?user=1286900

One more edit, and you know who you are:

Leave me alone you goddamn stalker. I know you're stalking these blogs, Kylah. 

One final edit: I hope this is all officially over, seeing as as soon as I finish typing this up, I'm sending this link to her mother, hoping everything can finally be taken care of. The amount of trauma, trauma responses, nightmares, and the fact that I feel like everything's my fault... I hope it's all over with. She doesn't control my anymore, I realize this now.

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Dear Ricky, I wanted to formally apologize to you, for everything that has happened, you didn't deserve what i did... I was extremely insecure and in a bad place, I should not have taken it out on you, you are an amazing person and I wish you well, even tho you hate me, You were the best thing that had ever happened to me, If you are willing to hear me out and allow me to apologize even further, I would be very grateful, you are amazing and I wish you well.

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by Skylar; ; Report

Kylah, I know you're still using your account. If you still haven't understood, Ricky's contacted your mother about this situation.
Leave him alone already. Stop whatever you're doing. It's not funny. It's not "trying to apologize", it's triggering and harassment. You're lucky you're a minor, cause if you weren't, we'd have you locked up for harassment.

Now stop trying to get back in our lives already. We told you stop, and apparently you didn't take the hint.

Now stop it already, or mark my words it's not gonna be pretty.

by Chris lol; ; Report

Shadow Bliss

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That sounds awful. I'm sorry

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It was awful, but thankfully I'm getting better mentally hehe

by Ricky; ; Report