The Metal Tierlist + All Nuance

So after nearly 9 months I have done it, I finished this tierlist of 599 metal bands. I only ranked the bands I had heard of but that was still most of them. If there's any of the ones I didn't rate you think I ought to check out, tell me.

The problem with tierlists is there's also a lot of nuance especially in the middle, some bands in mixed or solid are there because they are overall mixed or solid, while others are there because some of their albums are great and others are meh. That's why I supplied supplementary material. Firstly, here's the albums I already knew I liked beforehand, divided between the first 60% and last 40% I did.

And to finish this wave of images, my new favorite albums thanks to this tierlist. Funny the vast majority of them are from the last 40% I did, I had to make two lists for visual representation.

Thanks for reading.

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finally, someone else who thinks coheed and cambria is eh XD

fr though good job on this, i appreciate how thorough you were

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I respect them, and there are parts I kind of like, but they're one of those bands I just can't get into, no matter how much I try.

Thank you. 83 Of course there's a lot of blindspots, and I feel a bit bad over it, but well, it's been 9 months, I think I ought to take what I can and move on, at least officially. And I did get a lot out of it, it's not wasted time.

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yeah thats usually how these things tend to go. As long as you're passionate about something, i think its a good way to spend your time :o

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