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Tumblr's New God Awful Mistake

i swear to fucking god if they get rid of the chronological feed on tumblr my ass is gone !!! i'll literally go here full time i don't care, you will have to catch up with what i'm up to with a rss feed on my neocities

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TUMBLR HAS BEEN SO AWFUL LATELY. New accounts have their primary dashboard be the "for you" page, this is LOCKED, it can't be changed; its why my art main is a new account instead of my normal main. You just cannot change it.

Theory is they're doing this to newer accounts so older users don't notice it :/ With the recent reddit migration and twitter migration it's been. Getting Pretty Rough, sadly they'll probably go through with changes either way. Just looking at rb to like ratios on any post will give anyone a good glimpse that the site's userbase is turning mostly to people who want an algorithm.

I heard about them collapsing reblogs too, turning them into just comments, which would SUCK because that's literally the main thing of the site!! In general, changes like removing the ability to check prev tags [Thankfully xkit fixes this] etc have just been an absolute hellhole lately. Hellsite and all, etc etc. But I would much rather it be a 'hellsite' bc of its users and not because the people who run the site want to kill us all with 10 billion explosives

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genuinely it feels like the people running the site do not care about what makes tumblr a unique platform they just want twitter 2 but 10x worse. i still can't believe "steal popular posts and make them into merch while only giving the people who made those posts a single piece of said merch and not paying them" is an idea someone had and is working. its going to be such a shame because tumblr was so foundational to humor online but the people running it keep being increasingly awful. ppl keep being like "oh but if we give them money they'll stop making it worse" but i just don't believe it at all bc people have been buying their merch but trans people keep getting their stuff flagged seemingly for just being trans so that money isn't helping anything. sadly their strategy of make changes only to new users is working other than the dashboard change that makes everything look like twitter. for real gonna be unfortunate when it dies though i hope the site burns a bigger hole in their debt pocket bc the ppl running it deserve it

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they walked this shit back but there was no fucking way they weren't abt do drop that shit to try and make tiktokers their prime audience

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