narcissistic(?) ramblings from a strange 'man'

im better than everyone else, so many people are lesser than me

im a man among swine

their grunts are disgusting to me

their flat faces grotesque and their odour mind numbing

these pigs, oinking constantly

no rhyme or reason to their words

pieces of walking breathing shit

and im joining them in their frivolous conversations

shallow and dull, like a child's swimming pool

i stoop myself lower to their level

these creatures create true uncanny valley

almost human yet not

voices too shrill, minds to narrow

i hate them all these swine

i am better, above them

it is an honour to gain my respect

for me to see you as an equal

higher than me? amazing you must be

breathtakingly stunning you must be

do not cast precious pearls to swine

they cannot appreciate the beauty

There is something I have realised recently. I have woken up and discovered that I am man. Though this discovery has been dulled by the reality that I am forced into. That reality, in fact, is that I am forced and WILL be forced most likely for the rest of my life to be around swine. Pigs. All around me, with their disgusting faces and horrible voices and their grotesque bodies. How horrible, really. It's quite insulting, actually, being even NEAR these pigs. It's unfortunate, you see.

I live with these pigs, and talk to them on a daily basis but it's mostly just a necessity. These stupid swine are blessed with my thoughts everyday, really. As a man, I am a social creature. Which means even if I'm presented with repulsive pigs, I'd choose them over isolation. The echo chamber of my own thoughts are scary and loud. So I'd listen to their oinks than be alone.

I've tried educating these pigs, but their unwilling and unwanting. They are so closed minded, living in their head only, never observing the world around. Pigs cannot look to the sky, so it makes sense that their world view would be just as narrow as their field of vision. So fucking stupid, the lot of them. I wish I could pry their minds open, and spit and lick all over their brains so we can communicate easier. I WANT to connect with them. Truly. I WANT TO TALK TO THEM, but it's hard to do that when every pig around is so stupid they can't even get their heads out off their own asses.

I talk to these pigs everyday. In our little stables and play pens, eating hay and slop. I carry full conversations, meaningless and shallow. Superficial and dull and lacking substance, like a child's swimming pool. I smile and nod along, acting as stupid and ignorant as them and to an extent, I am. Though never to such a pompous, self-unaware state. I am aware of my own downfalls and shortcomings, obviously fixing is a separate issue, but being so unaware that you just... Have no knowledge of them? Pigs are so strange.

As a man, obviously I'd search for my fellow men in the sea of swine. It's hard, but there's a few! People on equal standing are far and few (where I'm living in currently) and so is finding people above me, but they are there. Amazing men, intelligent and eloquent in speaking, much better than the stuttered and choppy garbage that comes out of my mouth, for sure. It really is unfortunate seeing men with potential be reduced to common sows. It's as they say, don't cast pearls before swine, they cannot appreciate the beauty. Someday I will find my equal or, even better my superior, and on that day I will start to devote a part of my life to keep our relationship good and flourishing with each other, but until that day I will have to be satisfied with shallow gossip and idle chit chat from pigs.

(was trying a new writing style, i hope its nice!!<3 also i fell asleep while writing this halfway /srs so thats lame >///<)

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