Floating Away, A Poem about commitment

Floating Away

i never meant to float away

iā€™m just a seed

going where ever the wind takes me

the places i wish to see

the people i wish to meet

iā€™m not ready to fall

to be planted

the thought is scary

my purpose is to fly with the wind

and plant

but as long as the wind carries me

i will forever be free,

from an everlasting fate

you were just a stop

something bringing me closer to said fate

something i had tried to delay for so long

yet you felt like fate

but when the wind picked up

i took my ride away

pulling myself slowly out of the soil we planted ourselves in

And there with the wind i floated away

so in the end

i guess i did mean to float away

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That is such a good poem!
Muy Bonita!

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hehe thank youu!!

by Marceline; ; Report