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Vulture Blog (not stolen old acc was lost)

                  constant work in progress!!

I’ll be recording my findings as I go!! I’ll link the photos here and describe what it is that i found!


          (all the pictures were from animals that

           i found that had died of natural causes!

                   no animals were harmed!)


Tuesday: June 27th

Id say that i was pretty successful this time! This is the first time i’d gone out bone hunting for a while. I was at a hotel in Arizona and i thought it might be an okay place to look! I was right! Below, you’ll see a picture of 5 bones. The middle two (the biggest ones) are parts of hip bones. Under those, you’ll see part of a jaw! I was SOO exited to find that! It had all the teeth still in it! I’m not entirely sure what the other ones are.. However, i think i know what animal it came from! A squirrel!!!

(tw for bones!)


Wednesday: June 28th

I went to the same places i did yesterday but found some other things too. Such as the bird wings in the picture below! I’m pretty sure there from Mourning Doves!

(tw for bird wings!!)


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