American Psycho

I know the whole point of the book is too shred on 80s businessmen and "sigmas" as we call them nowadays but to be honest I CANNOT put this book down because of how good it is. So the book is from Patrick Batemans perspective and off the bat this guy is bonkers. He describes everything in such great detail and I mean everything like clothing, electronic, homeless people. He's super insane. He also talks to himself and sometimes lashes out in such a concerning way but so far Im convinced that its all in his head so far; obviously tho throughout the book I know that the fine line between reality and his imagination will slowly become blurry sooo like his lash outs will most likely be real. 

BTW I have not seen the movie and im only on like pg 50 out of 3?? pages in the book so im trying so hard to avoid spoilers ToT

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