I had the urge to change my profile picture

So I was browsing different users on this website, and I thought I saw myself on the users page, unfortunately it was not me so. They were using a near identical profile picture so I took it upon myself to change that shit lol, I hope you like my new profile picture and hopefully it stays and no one uses it so I remain a unique butterfly lol

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carlos's profile picture

why dont you use a picture of a pizza as your profile picture? just a suggestion...

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ニーチェはクソだ's profile picture

You are hoping for a miracle if you believe that the situation will not repeat itself. This is the Internet, even if you use an original image made by you as a picture, it is the most eye-catching thing on your profile at first sight, and the first thing people are going to take or download.
Not to mention pfps or generic icons (not original) whose only thing that varies is the filter used to repost it and steal the image over and over again.

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