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is having imajinary friends normal? also really paranoid recently

this is all going 2 be /srs btw. im a teenager with like,, imaginary friends? like i have multiple friend groups in my head,, like we all banter and talk and hang out and have fun. but sometimes i slip these head convos into real life so i'll be talking to myself but im talking to them in my head or using my own voice 2 talk for them yk,, i also like to look around as if their near me. also sometimes i talk 2 myself like im streaming like "chat this is so insane" but im alone. is this normal? also what does this mean?

for the paranoid thing these past few months have been BAD especially June/July.. i have these big windows where people can basically peak through in my living room and im soo scared of seeing some1 watch me.. or my closet and store room,, also just generally not good thoughts of people not liking me and secretly hating me? but A LOT of thoughts of people stalking me in my house,, fear of people watching me especially like alex kisters alternates?!?!?!1!? scary. uhm also been seeing weird shadow people in my peripheral vision so thats not great. yeah some tell me whats going on w/ me thx <3 /srs like actually

edit: i also hear things like whisprs or people shouting my name from far away?

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Honey 🍯

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from the sounds of it you should maybe look into dissociative disorders like osdd and did

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hi! i saw ur comment and decided 2 look into these 2 things and osdd especially is really interesting? can u recommend any papers, like reliable sources talking about osdd and disorders similar 2 it? it would be super appreciated!1!! thank u <3

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