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OK, since that tweet from the Spacehey account boomed this site has been WAY WAYY more active

Don't believe me? Check the newest blogs (i mean, if you're seeing this you're reading the newest blogs) new blogs are created every minutes, last time i checked (2 or 3 days ago), if you got to page 2 of the newest blogs you would easily blogs from 7+ hours ago

I personally think it's kindaaa good news, but i just hope they improve theĀ moderation and other stuff.

For example when you open the blog section, you would get to the newest instead of the most popular by default, and also improve how blogs become popular.

This would also REALLY, REALLY help the forums because they're dead as FUCK. Only the most popular ones in the general section get interacted with..

And also maybe, improve groups feature? BECAUSE THEY'RE EVEN DEADER.

Also add chatroom, private groups, group chat (could be assigned to groups or even just with friends)

Ik it's supposed to be a recreation of MySpace or whatever, but this does not stop it from improving right?

I just want it to be more active.

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