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Just finished Jenny LeClue.

I just finished Jenny LeClue and I am beyond impressed.

I mostly gave this game a chance because my favorite cozy gamer recommended it and it was only $1 on the online switch store. Needless to say that $1 went FAR.

You play as not just Jenny LeClue but also the author of the Jenny LeCLue book series who narrates while you play. In the story Jennys mom is suspected of murder of the local college Dean. Jenny knows it couldn't have been her mom so it's up to her to solve the mystery.

The story is so well done and not only is this a puzzle game but also a choose your own adventure game. There's also tons of small things to collect like concept images for the game and stickers you can use to decorate your crime solving notebook.

It runs under the same vein as "Night in the Woods" except to be honest, I found this game contained so much more intrigue and genuinely fun stuff to do. The game also ends on a major cliff hanger so I'm excited to see when the second game will finally come out.

I have huge respect for kickstarter games and this has become one of my favorite indie games. So far I know it's on multiple platforms including apple arcade and it is $24.99 now and I seriously got the game for a steal. I would say this game is worth a good $10-$15 if you can get it.


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