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update on life!! (I FELL INTO A VERY DEEP HOLE)

me and my buddy joe were walking down my grandma's creek (in the creek) and as i was walking there were these hole formations where the water was. im assuming its where water has pushed inward for many many years. this is important to remember!

so me and him were walking and i had been stepping in the holes or my heel had been going into the smaller ones. theres a small waterfall and i didnt think it'd be that deep of a drop, so i step down and then im suddenly shoulder deep inside a hole. I DIDNT EVEN TOUCH THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!! i screamed and had to go down this very thin crack thing (also a hole) and pulled myself out.

my sandal went off my foot and floated up and joe said he thought that'd be the last he ever see of me ToT

note: i was carrying a bag that had my phone, joe's phone, and my grandmas speaker. \(T0T)/

in other words, MY PHONE IS DEAD FOOORREEVVVEERRR. why oh why cruel ole world. the screen wont react to touch anymore

its whatever i just hope i can get my 1,000 images off

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