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World building rant or something idk

(UPDATED!! I accidentally made a mistake here, oh my god 😭)

(This is just to vent out my frustration because I never realized I had to do math when it came to the years that pass by in my little world) 

So apparently,

I made Paw Print Impact to be set in the year 2043. 


2043 (Paw Print Impact/Panthera timeline) = 2023 (Real World)

Which would mean...

2010s (Paw Print Impact/Panthera timeline) = 1990s (Real World)

2020s (Paw Print Impact/Panthera timeline) = 2000s (Real World)

2030s (Paw Print Impact/Panthera timeline) = 2010s (Real World)

2040s (Paw Print Impact/Panthera timeline) = 2020s (Real World)

Because of this, if you were born on September 10, 2014, and today's date is July 7, 2043 in the timeline, then you would be 28 years, 9 months, and 27 days old. 

I'm silently seething by this information because of how inaccurate I've been making and not doing the full research, so here we are I guess.

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