botw shaders

id love to make super cool animations with the yiga clan so i prepared some botw shaders....

here they are. ill gladly share the node setup if anyones interested. its kind of a mess right now so ill clean it up in case that ever happens

As you can see im using my beloved istockphoto-499913196-612x612 for the texture-y effect but ill make my own specular lines texture if i ever feel like it. Because i think this pattern wont do if i want it to look even more game accurate...

i mean its not like im aiming for exact game accuracy, i just want it to not look off. which i already achieved BUT you get what i mean... or maybe im just crazy who knows.

Ive also tried to do Kohga but thanks to the ABSOLUTELY INSANE uv fuckery the devs made, i

could not. You see, botw models have two separate UV maps for the diffuse and

normal/specular. In this particularily shitty case, they use two separate models apparently.

Which for those two models wasnt a problem, since i could just copy the UV map from the

normal/spec UV map model to the diffuse UV map model. HOWEVER, for some BATSHIT INSANE

reason, the devs decided to have Kohgas normalmap uv model miss 3 faces. which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to transfer the Uvs without it either not working or just looking like a kaleidoscope.

(ive tried the modifier AND the cntrl L way it looked BAD)

ive found 2 of the three missing faces but i could not find the third most well hidden one. not that it would change anything since adding/removing vertice just made it worse. So Kohga will have to wait until i rip the totk models. They better not have done that there.

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