old and unfinished art

ill get started with the old art because i used to put shit tons of EFFORT in my old art. i cant BELIEVE i used to spend more than 2 hours on an artpiece.  Nowadays i spend more than 3 hours trying to do something in blender. (cough cough botw shaders, looking at you. or however the hell malt nodes are supposed to work)

This ones all the way back frooom..... ‎25. ‎June ‎2021 apparently. god i tried SO hard to make the grass look good. next one

plant2 my beloved
This ones!! my magnum opus methinks!!!! (??? i do not know what a magnum opus is)
Its from 20. ‎March ‎2021 but its still my best work in my opinion. i think it deserves an entry on its own. we'll see!

and thats enough old art from my old art folder because now its the unfinished stuff turn. works in progresses and whatnot. just two though.


i PINKIE PROMISE im gonna finish this one. its the STRONG, the DEPTHS DEFYING, from THE ASHES, RISING Master Kohga approaching Link with a giant Toyota Monster Forklift if you havent noticed.  this one is going to be my future best work.
Once i feel like opening CSP that is. (MAN i studied SO MANY FORKLIFTS for this. glad i did tbh because now i understand how perspective stuff works)

this one was supposed to be painting practice but i dont think im ever gonna touch it again. ive already changed my ways of painting... (GOD it looks like shes gonna fall over how did i ever think this was a cool looking pose her feet need to be closer to the weight thingie)
its that one midna from the twilight princess concepts by the way. this one

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