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We Time Travled Back To The MySpace era!

Wow you guys. This is like so crazy i literally feel like Im in a time machine. The good old days. No Instagram or Snapchat or tiktok etc. No ads like dang things really have changed a lot! We have kids now, were married, we have jobs we have BILLS! Ew! But life back then just seemed easier.. the world seemed like a better place idk am I tripping? Like the fact that theres no ads on here is top tier! Bc no I dont wanna watch your ad haha but no seriously I mean I do enjoy some of the technology now but kids dont go outside as much as they use to and dont even get me started on the social media influencers era.. half of them dont need to influence anyone LOL! I miss it yall like it kind of makes me sad life seemed more bright back then? But how have yall been WHATS changed in your life? Whats new? How do yall feel about space hey?! Yes Im nosy!

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