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My personal favorite jsrf character

Believe it or not, it's hayashi, even though he's always painted as, literally psychopathic, he's adorable and silly, and he's a lot to much like me, so if he's psychotic I am too 🙂

Anyway, he's sleep deprived and starved, which, you know, same, but this can lead to someone more paranoid and on edge, leading em to fly off the handle, that plus being over worked, you know that's never good, so yes, did he say he was going to kill a bunch of teens sure, but remember those teens do illegal stuff, and he is a bit silly and overworked so it might be the easiest way, also, just, yk, look at him, he's so huggable and adorable and shhsdnsnnxnf

I would, definitely ask for permission to hug him, because, I swear to God he's making me want to hug him. Also, have you heard his voice lines? (Ive put them on SoundCloud by the same user) he's so fucking silly he goes from aggressive to literally the sweetest politest person ever, and, this is my reasoning on why hayashi is my favorite jet set radio character, thanks for reading goodnight ✌✨

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