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oh man, last time i blogged here was... almost a month ago! that's a record. hey every one! been a long time since you've had an awesome life update.

i went on vacation about two weeks ago? i didn't want to go, but i did get to go to an aquarium, which was cool! i took some nice photos. maybe i'll post them here some time? that'd be neat. i mostly got photos of the sharks, but there were a few other fish that caught my eye. i also have a ton on my professional camera, but it takes a while to get the photos from that, so i haven't uploaded them to my phone yet.

i'm sort of in the process of making my own discord server? i originally planned for it to just be for friends, but it took so long to make i think i'll post the invite here too. it's going to be aquarium themed (because i love marine animals) and i've been working on it for a while! i'm actually super excited to get it finished. i might post some mod applications, though, because if it gets to be a big server i don't really want to be the only one moderating.

speaking of discord, i've been chatting there a bit recently. you should totally friend me there, by the way. (skaianmagicant)

oh, and i've been making myself a new lay out for my profile! originally it was going to be prospit themed, but i think i'm going to go for loz instead. it's just easier, and there's a lot more content for a lay out. plus it is just a really good game that i grew up with, haha.

i've also been playing a lot of terraria lately! i created a new expert world and i'm currently making a bunch of houses in different biomes for my npcs to move in to. i love the pylon system! so easy to travel, and especially if you need to go to a certain area. (which is why i'm putting my ocean houses near the dungeon).

i think that is all! wow, that's a lot. i'll catch you all later!

- eb.

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