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tiktok is going to shit

alright. dont get me wrong. i use tiktok all the time, fuck its even where i met my friends butย 

oh my god its so bad

like actually. i cannot scroll atleast 10 seconds without seeing a n30n4z1, racist, proshipper, or all of the above + DLCs. like holy shit dude!!! it was an app intended for music and now its being used to drive people to su1cide and to dumb down kids i swear to god. most users on tiktok are like. ages 7-15 and THIER BRAINS ARE MOLDABLE!! esp 13< (coming from a 13 yr old boy) like the whole andrew tate trend where prepubescent boys were so INFLUENCED by the utter SHIT they saw on tiktok that they thought "yes lets just see women as objects!! wow go clean wh0re!" OR the dangerous trends they do? does anybody remember the blackout challenge where people choked themselves for a "buzz" KIDS DIED, DUDE????ย  and dont get me started on the amount of creeps on that fuckass app, like zoe laverne, paul breach, et cetera et cetera. do you know how easy it is to catfish?? like, holy shit ive seen so many people get gr000med on that app its literally crazy. im not a parental options meatrider or anything but some people need to just. put a timeout on thier phones, yaknow??ย 

thanks for coming to my tedtalk all

if u dont agree i do not care as i think this is a good pointย  ๐Ÿ‘


(i didnt know what to categorise this blog as, dont kill me pls ๐Ÿ™)

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