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Opinions on Spacehey so far :)

So I've been on here for three days now. I'm gonna compare it to twitter:


  1. I like that there isn't a character limit
  2. I like the font options a lot
  3. I like the layout customizations
  4. I think it's awesome that it has this 90's/early 2000's vibe to it


  1. I wish there was an option to "like" a reply
  2. I wish there was an easier way to code the layouts lmfao
  3. I wish more people would join Spacehey, it would make it way more fun

The pro's make up for the cons :)

I'm genuinely a huge advocator for this website, I truly wish it got more media recognition. I get that it's fun to have a very secluded site that not many know about, but I think it would do Spacehey justice if we could get more people on here with more diverse interest and more lively groups. 

But I really hope that if this site gets more recognition, it still keeps the early 2000's vibe and doesn't just end up becoming twitter version two. 

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Clover cloud 🖤

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Yeah I totally agree but also have the same worries there's already so many genuine assholes with brain rot on here saying their nazis and shit and if it gets bigger they'll just be more and since there's no algorithm you'll just casually see people saying to kill gays and shit

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really? wow...
i had no idea there were such idiot on here

by MAЯIE ✩; ; Report

Dude it's fucking crazy like genuinely insane. At the top where it says like home and browse and stuff if you just go to blog and look at the top post there's such dumbasses

by Clover cloud 🖤; ; Report

that's horrible :(
they are ruining the platform

by MAЯIE ✩; ; Report