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keeping busy, post-op: day 0

as of noon today, i've dropped a few pounds in titty weight. [jeb bush 'please clap' here] now comes the part where i need to listen to my body and rest up as much as i can. found some f1 mclaren content that's been keeping me entertained while i'm still woozy enough to not focus insanely intently. nonetheless, these are gems.

McLaren Tooned Season 1 Episodes 1-12 : 2012 treasure of animation and fun. was jenson button the frame of reference for cloudy with a chance of meatballs character design?? sound off below. there's a second season as well but i'm fading fast man

No Strings Attached w/ Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris : mclaren 2020 puppet show and teammate reflection. adorable.

back to napping. maybe i'll post a more in-depth reflection of what morning of a breast reduction surgery looks like in the future. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

edit 1: 10:35pm

back awake again :) i can sleep in 2hr increments and then have to stand up and walk own the hall to get the blood pumping and reduce any (minimal) blood clot risk. sitting up is fine and manageable, when i woke up from anesthesia during the early afternoon it was burning pain around my chest which faded. now it's more of a dull, underlying ache. walking is doable but a couple trips downstairs were enough for me for the day. i hope i've got it in me for this extended staycation in my bed.

new video advice for having some low energy time on the internet - nisipisa's window shopping series. i listen and lay back and giggle as i am able.

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