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⚠️ READ BEFORE YOU ADD ⚠️ (about me n general stuff + dni list)


">~*~*~Welcome to my shitty little internet corner~*~*~^o^
(updated: 1/13/23)

First off, if ur reading this: thank u !! tht shows u care at least a little XD

heres sum stuff abt me to start off:  I'm a 23 yr old autist transsexual (will make a blogpost on gender stuff later) artist, i mostly use spacehey not only bc its fun asf but to show all u lovely ppl my art work !! X3

altho i love adding n talking 2 ppl on here, i wanna set out sum guidelines 4 any new ppl wanting 2 add me jus 2 avoid conflicts in the future !! I dont rly come on here 2 argue w/ internet strangers XD

⚠️ You probably shouldn't add me if:.....⚠️
  • ur racist (duh)
  • ur homophobic
  • ur transphobic (i.e u believe theres only 2 genders or some other harmful rhetoric tht has been disproved time and time again
  • ur a misogynist
  • ur a terf (u need to mind ur business...)
  • u support #bluelivesmatter
  • u call any disagreements "drama"
  • ur under 18 (nothing personal i jus dnt have much 2 tlk abt w/ teens n kids, be safe tho !)
⚠️ I probably wont add u back if.....⚠️
  • i suspect any of the above things mentioned just from ur profile XD
  • ur a minor
  • ur non black w/ dreads (:/ not gonna xplain.....)
  • u support ppl who exhibit any of the above behaviors
  • ur profile is empty (nothing personal but i need SOMETHING)
  • u legitimately idolize/stan famous ppl (get it together.)
  • ur a str8 dude w an overwhelming amount of girl/feminine looking ppl added to ur friends list (u look desperate asf.)
ok thats mostly it !! (4 now...XD)
Thank u for reading if u did !! X33

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black beard

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worth reading

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does my profile have enough stuff?

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yeah this stuff is pretty valid lolzz u seem so cool I’m gonna add u!

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