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JJK POSTING!!! (discussion of s2, manga, etc. and whatever else you want!)

hello!!! in light of jjk s2 coming out very soon and the manga being super intense, i wanted to make this blog post as a way to interact with the community of jjk fans on here! jjk is one of my favorite shounen/series in general, so i'd love to see some fellow fans!


i'm honestly really going to be interested in where shibuya actually is able to leave off. i've seen some leaks-related stuff about the ending point, but i'm honestly not sure-shibuya is such a long arc, and only 18 (out of the 23) episodes is really not enough time to fully explore all of the fights imo. i totally trust mappa to get it right either way, especially since gege is heavily involved and making the choices to expand on the things that weren't really given a lot of time in the manga (especially with the older sorcerers when they were younger ILY UTAHIME).

the anime onlys are absolutely NOT ready for this season...like the s2 op alone is already devastating because of the relationship it discusses (i won't elaborate in case you don't want to know yet, google exists) but just the things that are going to happen in the arc itself are devastating! i am NOT mentally prepared! i was rewatching s1 this past week with someone who hasn't seen it and revisiting the anime made me realize how UNPREPARED i am to witness shibuya in full color and movement. goodness...


i'd love to hear your current thoughts about what's going on in the manga right now as well!!! how do you think the fight is going to turn out? i want to believe in gojo but gege is not afraid to make us suffer...i feel like honestly we'll get something interesting no matter what but i won't be surprised if we have to suffer in the process. i refuse to accept the fact that megumi is in a pinch as well...i really hope gojo can pull through and save megumi too i REFUSE to think of the possibliity of gojo having to lose someone like that again...but as we've already seen and continue to see it's gonna be rocky for dramatics and the story. i mean we all want an intense good fight anyway even if we don't want to admit it since it involves characters that mean so much to us now.
we're going to get an update very very soon like in a couple hours wink wink but i probably shouldn't talk about it too much haha :)
i'm sooo ready to see gojo pull out something HUGE in that little ball :3

so yeah feel free to share any thoughts on jjk, old or new, or anything! i know there are plenty of jjk fans on here but i haven't seen any recent posts on it so i'd love to be one of the people who develops the jjk community on this site!!! love u all

p.s. please be careful discussing leaked content on here because it creates dangers for the content itself being released on time as well as doing harm to the site/posts. thank u :D
(is this the right category for this post? help lmao)

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em / seph

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i just made a jjk group for anyone interested!


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im so hyped ahhhhh

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i'm so excited too, especially if u haven't read up to it in the manga yet. ur in for an absolute treat...

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em / seph

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please leave ur thoughts i love interacting with fellow fans ESPECIALLY ones who are already caught up on the manga!!!

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