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Entry Fifteen.

its about 11pm and i just came to the very stupid, and somewhat irritating conclusion that during my dream last night, my brain pulled analog horror on me. this is the second time in a row ive had a nightmare regarding..well, honestly even typing it makes me a little upset. its nothing bad, certainly nothing overly serious but.. im just a tad sensitive towards it. anyways there was like, music playing and i guess i was doing some sort of interview about dumpster diving or "looking for (treasure, i think??)" and said something along the lines of "of course, i find things that aren't so good sometimes.." and then the music cuts and i get one of the most upsetting things ever. what the ever loving hell.

i think i know whats causing these dreams, and im not sure if graduating highschool will either make them calm down or rev them up to a new level. if its the latter im gonna go beserk.

in other news my stepdad recently tried to claim that the titan imploding was a hoax. i was able to disprove that very quickly. a good little boost for my ego. im aware saying that makes me seem like... not the best person, but i dont think i really care.

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