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For my book I'm working on details first, and the MC writes a letter to his wife as a final goodbye and I'm just (┬┬﹏┬┬)

The idea of him never actually being able to finish the letter, and not knowing if his wife would ever even receive it in the first place? Depressing. I'm a big fan of not having a happy ending in stories because it like physically hurts.

Like, his family might never know what happened to him and he never gave them a real goodbye.

I'm actually so hype for this. I've been working on characters and world building and I love my antagonist and protag sm. Like I love my sad middle aged man.

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i understand i luvv storiez w sad endingz XC are ya planning on blogging more about the book tho ? :p

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just seeing the mdni on ur profile sorry about that !!

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oh, how I understand you, I also love stories without a happy ending.Especially when they are kept in tension all the time and towards the end you feel the despair of the characters

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Yessss, I need the characters to have some hope only to have it slowly crushed down at the end of the story!!!

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