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so ive been in suuuuuper bad pain all day its so bad

im very thankful for my parents though they understood so muchh

i woke up today and one of my earrings slipped out of my ear, i think that it fell somewhere but i cant find it and at first i thought it got STUCK in my EAR!!!!!! so that was super bad and i had to go visit my mum at work so she can check it out and she said it was probably scar tissue so already off to a bad start to my day but at least im gonna get it re done soon enough

but like when i got home i got hit with the WORST pain in my stomach it hurt like a bitch so i decided to get myself comfy and spent the rest of the day in bed………….

my dad made me some good sandwiches tho!!! so yummy i love wholemeal bread especially w a blt

so tomorrow im gonna b going to a special group thing to help w my schooling since i cant rlly cope with regular college atm…..it might be over soon since its summer n all but it is suited to my needs and really comfy to be at since its a 2min walk from my house!!

anywayz i hope tomorrow is better thn today

see u guys x3 mwah!

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Clerical Heretic

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Tomorrow is always as good as you make it! Also hope you find your earring soon!

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