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It's funny how people love to accuse me of showing out or asking who I'm trying to impress when I wear a cropped shirt then get talk shii about me for dressing how I want just because I have a nice body like if i was built like a milk carton they really wouldn't give af but okayyy hate me for that then tf I'm supposed to do rearrange my ribcage, blame my MOTHA for these blessed genes.

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Clerical Heretic

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Haters gonna hate. You gotta do you regardless of what anyone thinks

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facts, its just concerning how fast ppl switch on you over trivial things you cant control ,the ppl who said those things had to be cut off cause they always try and get me drunk even though they're dating each other like come on what is this.

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players gonna play even when they got no game

by Clerical Heretic; ; Report

youre funny LOL

by VirginQueen; ; Report

i do try ^_^

by Clerical Heretic; ; Report