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AJR has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. I have known about them since a week before The Clicks release. So, it’s been a long time. I have loved seeing them live and their growth has been amazing to witness. But, that, of course, came at a cost. They just recently announced that their dad Gary is likely passing soon. Days after announcing this, they have released a song about it. Although I empathize with the loss of the brothers’ father, I feel that they may be using a tragic event as a way to promote their new album, and that’s just absolutely disgusting. I could be totally wrong, and I hope I am, because I have very much enjoyed this band and their music. But, they no longer feel authentic to me and it feels like they preach about being different, while everyone else is trying to be “different” too. By trying to be so odd and different, I feel that’s how you sort of fit in. Anyways, just spilling thoughts on here. Rant over. 

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Clerical Heretic

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While I agree that it does look really skeezy, it could just be his way of coping with the loss. Everyone goes through grief differently, and while you're entitled to your opinion, I personally wouldn't hold this against them.


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It’s only because I’ve seen a decline in the bands character and morale stance that I would go to thinking they’d do something like this. But, maybe I am too quick to judgement. Only time will tell.

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Hell yeah man, and if it turns out you're right, you have full permission to say you told me so :D

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