Some shows I've been obsessed with lately

Hey everyone! :3 Decided to post stuff here because why not :p, lately I've been rediscovering a lot of my favorite shows and one of 'em is The Looney Tunes show. It's honestly one of the best versions of the franchise and I adore the modern day suburbia setting, somehow it allows the characters to work perfectly with thhe same personalities they've always had but also giving more fitting new ones to characters like Lola who honestly was kind of just furry-bait before and only existed as Bugs' love interest.

The original Transformers show is a classic too! I adore G1 and the music, the animation being so incredible for the year it came out in, and all the characters and personalities are just so awesome. Optimus Prime is still the best leader and I love his relationship with Bubmlebee and how he's kind of like a mentor.

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