just a quick rant lol

Tbh I fucking hate capitalism so much it's not even funny anymore. Like genuenely, some billionares in fucking florida are hoarding their wealth as we know it while the rest of us can't even afford to eat for the week. Literally i don't even see the point in capitalism other than rich fuckers to fucking control the rest of the population and shit. 

No, having 9 bagillion digits of money is not an excuse to literally murder someone tf? (when i say digits i'm talking about how many numbers someone see's, 1,000,000 being 7 for example)


Speaking of america, actually, fuck the supreme court. literally i don't see the point of it's existence, HELL, the fucking constitution doesn't say anything about needing it whatsoever.

I actually had to look it up, aperrantly it's needed "to interpret the meaning of a law, to decide whether a law is relevant to a particular set of facts, or to rule on how a law should be applied." which, i don't really get concerning the executive branch already technically does that for us by approving or denying laws and shit. (btw, the executive branch is where the president is, i learned that in civics) 

To top that off, they are literally passing laws without the president's approval, and they can do that by just calling it a "court trial" and giving it some whacky ass name like ballsack v. shitheader or some shit. The only thing i was perfectly fine with was roe v. wade, BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY GOT RIGHTS IN THAT ONE, and i wished it would've became an actual law and shit, but nooooooo they just HAD to remove that because "it wasn't protected under the constitution blah blah blah" BRO STFU THE CONSTITUTION LITERALLY PROTECTS CIVIL RIGHTS AND ABORTION IS A CIVIL RIGHT FUCK. Also, you don't get to decide whether a uterus holder should remove a FUCKING PARASITE THAT'S 6 WEEKS OLD from their body or not when a majority of you DON'T HAVE A UTERUS AND ONE OF Y'ALL CAN'T EVEN HAVE KIDS TF??? Like genuenely, i don't understand the logic there.

Coming off of that topic, i fucking hate america rn and am contemplating just moving to italy rn. Literally why does almost every goverment offical here fucking hate anything that isn't a CIS HET WHITE ABLE BODIED CHRISTIAN DUDE. I can't even go out of state anymore because of all the anti gay and trans laws that got fucking passed. theonly reason i'm celebrating 4th of july is because my grandfather was in the military and he was supportive of me as an autistic person while he was alive. And also because fireworks are pretty and smell good. with all the shit laws that exist, I'm lucky i live in colorado where queer/trans pride is accepted and shit. when i first heard about how shitty our country is, i thought i was on LSD or some shit, because the fucking education system here lied to me about our country. It's horrible here. evryone here is horrible. 

On an unrelated note, I am deleting my old twitter account because elon musk is on fucking crack rn. I recently found out you can only view (NOT EVEN INTERACT WITH) 600 posts a day, and you have to pay to see up to 6000. By this point, either elon is braindead or just wants twitter gone, but doesn't want to delete the whole site alltogether, but man wtf... the only reason i use twitter anymore is because my special interest (Tony Crynight) has an account on there and shit. Tbh man, FUCK ELON AND HIS SHITTY CARS AND HIS BRAINROT CHIPS, ALL OF THAT, I HOPE HE DIES IN A WOODCHOPPER. 

Anyway, sorry bout how long this is, just needed to get this off my chest lol.

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