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Back from Anthrocon

Howdy! Back from Anthrocon a day early because I realized I kinda... Didn't have to stay at the hotel overnight and leave in the morning. I could just leave early. So I did.

I'll need to write a huge retrospective at some point. I'll link it here but I'll probably host it on FurAffinity as I'm an adult who attended some adult panels and thus I need to ensure that only adults read my post about it. But yeah. Had a lot of fun.

Physically, I'm not tired. But mentally? Completely braindead. Can't concentrate on anything. I'm sure the alcohol I drank once I got home to celebrate the trip isn't helping at all.

I've uploaded a few of the photos I took to Furtrack. At least the ones I took on my own phone, I snapped some on my partner's phone and on my friends fancy camera, so that'll update once they get those pics uploaded. Those aren't even all the pics either, I gotta go through all the pics and vids to make my vlog, to archive the suits, and to make a post about my haul.

I had fun! I'm already inspired to start concepting a new fursuit because wow I kinda really do not vibe with my current one. I'm probably gonna sell him off and use the money to get supplies to make a new suit. I was on the right track with making a void creature demon thing, but it wasn't scary enough. I want a beast to stomp around and look scary in. I want to look like I could start belting out a FNAF fan song at any minute. I want huge claws, a big set of teeth, and a skeleton tail with gore detail and blood droplets spattering everywhere.

Back to blogging, I signed up to be on Bluesky's email list for when they enter open beta. We'll see if twitter 2.0 is any good. I don't have a twitter, can't make an account as I had some sort of glitch where I deleted my old account but my phone number is still in the system so I can't remake. I'm simply waiting for the website to die so a new better site can take its place. And maybe it'll be bluesky? I dunno. We'll see.

Time to sleep this brainfog off.

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