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SpaceHey mods clearly don’t care about the safety of their users

Tbh no site or app really do, but it’s out of control on here

The amount of harassment, p3dophilia, and unspeakable shit I’ve seen on here is insane

Not EVEN to mention the fact that these things are ILLEGAL

Spacehey needs to be reporting these accounts to the police, of course minor bullying such as saying someone is stupid isn’t illegal, but p3dophilia IS illegal, doesn’t matter if it’s online or not

I’ve seen some blatant child p0rn on here. The mods HAVE to do something for the safety of the children

Reporting isn’t enough, spacehey needs to do a full IP block and a police report for accounts with provable p3dophilic instances and interactions. This shit is NOT okay no matter how much the media tries to normalize it

Please, over inspect an account before you add them as a friend, (not at all blaming I’m just trying to help with safety) don’t message people you don’t already know, be as careful as you can until this problem is SOLVED

As someone who has been s3xually abused online at the ripe age of eight, this has to stop before more innocent children and teens fall victim to these disgusting excuses for human beings

Please boost this post as much as possible, it would be much appreciated

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had 3 alt accounts get banned in 5 minutes, and the racist, homophobic guy that was the reason for the creation of the accounts is still up, even after multiple reports

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That’s so ridiculous omfl

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and his excuse? the bill of rights.

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WHAT ppl always bring out that when they know they’re wrong

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Just because im still pissed, the account is named dennis miller, the pfp is jesus, the alts were named ihatedennis followed by numbers

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I’ll go report

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And to further explain, i and a friend made the alts to mess with the guy. happy 4th of july.

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exactly. this site is beginning to be so unsafe that i fear for the day victims are so used to being sexualized that they gave up. spacehey NEEDS mods asap. it took us to mass report 1 person for their alt acc to be taken down but the literal acc w cp is still up? bs.

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It’s Literal bs. It’s crazy how people just don’t care about women and children being abused they just figure because it’s online it’s not as bad. Sometimes it’s worse

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