Let me tell you about a game Spec Ops: The Line, pretty cool game, not to brag but I completed it in one sit, those were some very specials 10 hours, even that I knew what I was going to face, I ended up shocked with all the things I did in the game, at the time I finished the campaign it was according to steam the 3:26 AM. This happened back in 2020, was my last year in High School and I was in the middle of the pandemy and online classes so I never was really into learning something for the school, just to rot my brain playing vidya and those kind of stuff.

There's only one weapon in that game that drove me crazy: it's M4, and it's black and tan tone parts were fucking amazing to me.

Fast forward to 2022. I remember buying this thing like it was yesterday... but it wasn't really yesterday, as I said, was like more than a year ago I guess. The same deal with it as most of my airsoft rifles, a good sale that you won't miss, I even had a little more money saved so I bought a shotgun too, they came in those long shitty quality cardboard boxes, fr, this rifle's box had a water stain which eated the cardboard in the long run, at least the gun was fine.

It's stock model was an all sleek black M4A1, just like my other AR, same M4SS stock, a black mid-cap magazine but this one had some cool folding rear and front iron sights. Well, I didn't wanted that, I already had an all black M4. That's when I remember about that spec ops rifle and took inspiration on those two colors, black with tan parts.

It's still in WIP, and I wanted a shorter and lighter version of the other M4, so I change it's stock for a MOE carbine stock and for the magazines I opted for the PMAG 30 round magazine, it all should look like this

Need those tan rail covers, RVG vertical grip and the MIAD pistol grip, and if I can't find it I'll simply buy a tan rubber glove for it, for not too many complications.

For now, I gotta admit it looks quite cool but I want to look how the final build would be. And I cannot decide if the combat shirt looks better or just the black shirt for a more PMC look. What do u think guys?

Black t shirt

Black shirt

combat shirt

Woodland combat shirt

I think the combat shirt looks off, and looks better without it but maybe it'd look cool on a 90's loadout with a M1 helmet and a M16 with carry handle.

Enough, I guess this the longest entry in this blog I've post, so, as always: take ur parent's credit/debit card, buy as much v-bucks as you could and dab the haters (ur parents after you led your whole family to bankrupcy).

Ur friend Larry.

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